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ph360 Mastery Series

ph360, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA

The mastery series is a professional development course that has been designed for fitness professionals to uncover a deeper understanding of their clients unique physiology, biology, behavioural predispositions and more.    Read more

3 Attendees

Chenille Hosking

Brunswick East, VIC


My Review  (17/09/2018)

This is an amazing platform assisting professionals meet their clients needs. It allows for a very personalised approach to health and wellness. Using the ph360 lense really helps me understand that everyone is unique and the approach to achieve goals needs to be unique too.

Christopher Miller

Perth, WA

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My Review  (11/09/2018)

The program is something that I think a lot of health professionals would benefit from by incorporating into their practices. The in-depth questioning is essential for delivering a personalised coaching/health-practitioner experience and service. This is something that in my experience as a personal trainer and Chinese Medicine Doctor is often glossed over in the haste to train someone or offer immediate help and “fixing”.

Victoria Konnas

Melbourne, VIC

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