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New South Wales, Australia

We are currently looking for a casual (10 to 12 hours per week) with a chance to grow into a permanent part-time or full-time role. We would like to bring into our team a trainer who has a passion for fitness, and for helping people.


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Added on 6/7/2021

Expires on 7/5/2021

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Are you a NEW to the fitness industry and hungry for development into leader? 

F45 Paddington is the 1st F45 studio in the world, with an amazing team of trainers and Members.

We are currently looking for a casual (10 to 12 hours per week) with a chance to grow into a permanent part-time or full-time role.

Perhaps you have aspirations to one day be a senior manager or own your own fitness business!

We are not a ‘typical’ F45 and as such we are not looking for a ‘typical’ F45 trainer. We hire character, work ethic and the desire to develop as a senior leader.

What we're looking for;

  • You're a leader and aspire to continue developing your leadership ability to become a senior leader or business owner one day. You are on a journey
  • Your experience does not stand in the way of your humility to learn and hunger to grow. You know the most successful people are coachable and the learning never stops
  • You love the process of supporting members to get started and in achieving their fitness goals. You love to see members grow and that in turn sees you and the business grow
  • You know which skills you want to develop and can articulate why. You have self-awareness
  • You are fired up by being part of a team and want to see them grow. You have empathy and build giants out of those around you
  • You understand the nuances of our industry such as the action takes place in early mornings, evenings and weekends. You aren’t here for the perfect selfie on the Gram. You are here to change lives
  • You are all about ‘team F45’. This is the best fitness brand in the world. Our members have voted to be F45ers, they want coaches around them who have too. A week without an F45 workout feels strange to you

We're offering;

  • Uncapped potential, you take your journey and growth as far as you dare to - we will be there to guide, support and cheer for you
  • Mentoring to develop into a leader and support your next chapter goals
  • Direction, support, and encouragement with your professional development pathway.
  • An autonomous work environment and hours where you get to drive the operations, own and be accountable to targets and celebrate the success you lead and inspire in the team. You will have autonomy but won’t be left out to dry by yourself with behind the scenes mentoring
  • Exposure as to how the business actually works, growing your skills and knowledge
  • A chance to write your legacy that will be spoken about in 20 years’ time by our members and team. Sound odd? Can you remember that school teacher or childhood coach that made an impact on you?

If all of this sounds like the right fit for you, then we’d love to hear from you.

For extra credit, please send me a link in your cover letter to a video where you answer the following with examples:

  • What gets you out of bed and excited in the morning?
  • What sales experience do you have, what did you learn from it and what results did you achieve?
  • What fitness industry experience do you have?
  • Where does your leadership journey take you?
  • What are you reading or what podcast are you listening to right now?
  • What have you done before to build the confidence of those around you? How about in yourself?
  • What legacy do you want to be remembered for 20 years from now?
  • Who would you have dinner with if you could choose anyone in the world and why?


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