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Attract, Retain and Develop great staff with PROUDLY FITREC

Use your PROUDLY FITREC profile to reach out to candidates that share your ideals. 

Your PROUDLY FITREC profile is best used as an industry-facing profile. Make it a space to highlight the training and development of staff. If there are career pathways, outline these. You can share your mission, include images and/or videos of staff social evenings, include testimonials from current and previous staff and link out to any relevant documents or current job ads.

Your PROUDLY FITREC purchase price includes staff registration (for good reason).

As a minimum, we'll give you $535 worth of recruiting service via

As a minimum, we'll give you three months of access to the HealthyPeople database of fitness professionals and a job ad. For every additional staff member you register, we'll give an additional month of access. For every three registered staff, we'll give you an additional job ad. 

Your PROUDLY FITREC rating is a reflection of time in business, testimonials and professional FITREC rating.

Your experience, your success with other clients and your background all contribute to helping clients feel comfortable purchasing from you. And whether you're a sole trader or big-box club, the metric is the same, so if a client knows the sort of training they prefer, they can now compare two different providers equally. And if you're the only one with an industry presence, all the better!

We'll give you an account manager.

When you need assistance from FITREC, you're not calling an organisation, you're calling a person. We'll ensure that all your queries are responded to as quickly as possible. And if we don't have the answers in the office, we have an extensive list of contacts that will ensure all your questions are answered.

PLUS you'll save even more with our FITREC SUPPORT partners.

We want to be sure that you have all the information and support you need to grow. Over the last 20+ years, we've met a lot of people doing great things for the fitness industry and we'd like you to know who they are. Many of these providers will offer significant discounts or free services.

Remember, FITREC does not accept payment from our FITREC SUPPORT partners, we just think they're good at what they do. 

Join a registration service designed to build a fitter industry.

Purchase PROUDLY FITREC below (you'll need to be logged in). If you need an account, you can set one up for free here

Once purchased, you'll be contacted by an account manager to set up your professional and business profiles.

Oh, and we'll also send you a sticker for your window!

The bottom line? $99 registration/setup fee + $99 per participating staff member for their FITREC recognition. Direct debit options available.

If you're proud of your staff, give them a means to shine. 

If you're passionate about the industry, lead by example. 

If you'd like your members to talk about their Trainers, give them FITREC profiles to share.