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Before I met Adam, I knew I had to exercise but I saw it as a chore that took up too much time that I didn't have, so I would make every excuse not to do it. Adam's knowledge in his field, understanding of his clients, realism and appeal to my intrinsic motivation has given me the confidence to believe I have the physical and mental strength to do more than I could previously have imagined, turning exercise from a chore into a habit. In his words, "I wouldn't ask you to do it if I didn't think you could." I cannot thank him enough.

Amelia Hinschen, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Adam is a fantastic personal trainer - attentive to your needs and inspiring. He made me feel truly capable of achieving fitness goals that I didn't think possible. As someone who never really enjoyed physical activity, I now can't imagine my life without my daily workout. Thanks Adam!

Erin Hinschen, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Adam was great. Had to get myself ready for my police physical testing. Not only did Adam get me to the level I required but took me well beyond this. Couldn't have done it without his expertise and wealth of knowledge. He also helped me to get rid of my cramping issues with dietary tips and stretching.

Benjamin Robert, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Adam was fantastic! I really loved how he was able to tailor make each session to help me with my goals. I had an injury and Adam just changed our daily work out to fit in with my injury. He gave me tips on nutrition and hydration as well as really took the time to find out what worked for me. I would absolutely recommend you give Corefit a try

Patricia Coetzee, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Adam is fantastic. I was a broken and run down 30 something and he has transformed me. Thanks Adam for helping me fight the good fight.

Matthew Kenny, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Great core and strength class, it was different from the other classes I've done! Cheers mate

Ben Adriaans, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Exceptional trainer with an array of experience in all forms of training.

Dylan Healey-Brown, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Started me off in the world of fitness!

Lenny Cooper, CLIENT
Jul 2017

A1 personal trainer ! Adam knows his stuff, and I would recommend Viking to anyone who is serious about getting in shape.

Glen Millage, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Adam Baulchis the master of core, taught me everthing I know:-)

Dylan Ford, CLIENT
Jul 2017

I was diagnosed to have 2 bulged discs which was creating unbearable pain and sciatica. It was suggested by specialists that I would require surgery. I’d heard of Adam’s training method and exercise therapy from an associate and decided to seek him to strengthen my core before the surgery and to improve my chances of recovery. After 10 weeks of Adam’s coaching and guidance, I quickly realized that surgery was something that I didn’t need. My strength and flexibility had greatly improved, and my pain levels had drastically reduced, to the extent that I gave up the pain medication. I am very grateful for Adam’s professionalism, support, guidance, and help and I highly recommend Adam to all

Mark Skehan, CLIENT
Nov 2017