Moms Gone Strong

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Moms Gone Strong

With Moms Gone Strong you will learn exactly how to coach women through each stage of their pregnancy, easily applying this new knowledge to your clients, even if you're just starting out. Best of all, you will be obtaining industry-leading knowledge to help you level up your game in one of the most profitable professional "niches."

Moms Gone Strong is a home-study series for trainers (as well as a stand-alone product for their clients), which is divided into three modules addressing training and nutrition for women through all stages of pregnancy, from actively trying to get pregnant, to women who are pregnant, to women who have given birth and are recovering and returning to training after childbirth.

With Moms Gone Strong you’ll discover how to:

Exercise safely and feel confident knowing your clients are doing things the right way .

Strengthen your clients' bodies to minimize injury risk and speed the healing process after birth.

Show your clients how to eat in a way that’s best for them and their body’s changing needs.

Help clients honor the changes happening to their bodies instead of obsessing about them.

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