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WIDEN YOUR REACHJoin a community that is home to both FITREC, Australia's fastest growing registration provider, and HealthyPeople, Australia's largest fitness industry specific recruitment service.
ACCESS COST EFFECTIVE AND TARGETED ADVERTISINGYou'll receive very competitive rates across any one or more of our industry communications - inc. our quarterly e-mag, monthly emails, weekly emails, daily alerts, or via a targeted EDM.
ALIGN WITH A TRUSTED SOURCEFITREC is the first widely accepted registration alternative to traditional providers, due in no small part to the reputation our team had established via HealthyPeople - the latter now in its 15th year of serving the industry.
BECOME AN AUTHORITYShare valuable content with our readers. This is a chance to build product/service familiarity and remain front of mind among industry professionals and employers.