Is FITREC a National Registration service?

Yes, FITREC is a national registration service for fitness industry professionals. 

As an online resource that provides valuable insight into your qualifications and experience, FITREC also serves as an international registration tool.

I’m a Personal Trainer/ Group Instructor/ Aqua Instructor/ Pilates Instructor/ Crossfit Coach/ Functional Trainer - can I be registered?


I’m a sole trader, is there a business registration option?

Yes, please check out our PROUDLY FITREC option. It is a valuable addition to your professional FITREC profile.

Is FITREC registration recognised by the industry?


Is fitness registration required to work in the fitness industry?

Fitness registration is highly recommended but not a legal requirement to work or to be insured to work in the Australian fitness industry. When asked as to whether an employer can insist on this, Fair Work Australia responded with "...this would appear to an instance of adverse action under the general protections. Please refer to s.342 (1) of the FW Act. See item 2 in the list."

Is FITREC the same as Fitness Australia?

FITREC is an alternative to Fitness Australia. Beyond offering a registration service, FITREC has very little in common with Fitness Australia. Key differences include; 

  • FITREC provides more detailed industry profiles
  • FITREC encourages ongoing education but does not require CEC accumulation
  • FITREC does not charge course providers to list their learning opportunities
  • FITREC provides industry leading employment and recruitment assistance via HealthyPeople
  • FITREC offers multiple insurance options
  • FITREC recognises your time in the industry, not just your time registered with us
  • The FITREC rating is the first and only genuine benchmark for professionals in our industry

I've always been with Fitness Australia (or Physical Activity Australia), why change?

Traditional fitness registration services were a tool for their time. New technology, readily available information and a modern expectation of greater service mean that industry professionals should expect more from their registration provider. FITREC acknowledges that registration is not compulsory, our focus is smoothing the way for professionals. 

Do I need to accumulate CECs /PDPs to maintain or renew my registration?

No. Instead we provide transparency via your FITREC profile. We believe the industry is better served where all active professionals are encouraged to be registered and accountable, irrespective of where they are at in their career.

What do I need to do become registered?

You must have a fitness qualification at the level of degree, Cert III/IV or GEL. 

What are the ongoing registration requirements?

There are no ongoing professional development requirements for recognition. We want to encourage education by allowing you the freedom to find your own path. We believe that accountability provided by your profile will do more for increasing standards than 'registered/not registered' has been able to do previously.

What are the benefits to being registered?

Check out the relevant pages via the SERVICES link above.

I’m from overseas, are my qualifications recognised?

We do recognise international certifications and accreditations, however, these are viewed on a case by case basis. Please contact us.

I have certificates that do not have CECs attached, do they still count towards my rating?

Yes. All learning contributes to your FITREC rating. Learn more here.

What does the FITREC rating mean?

The FITREC rating for professionals is the first genuine benchmark for our industry. It celebrates achievement across three areas; learning, experience and influence (via references). The total score is out of 300 with a maximum of 100 points available from each of the three areas. Ratings for 'references' and 'education' depreciate over time. 'Experience' requires 12 years in the industry for the maximum 100 rating.

Can I use my FITREC registration overseas?

Yes. There is no universal registration service, but FITREC is the first to provide such comprehensive insight into a professionals history, complete with certificates attached.

How long is the registration period?

12 months. One benefit of our direct debit option is that after the first 12 months your registration is on a month to month basis.

How much does it cost for registration?

Please view the different options on the JOIN NOW page.

Does FITREC Registration include insurance?

No. Insurance is purchased separately. We have two insurance options for you.

What payment options do I have?

We have both in full and monthly payment options.

I’ve been locked out of my profile, what do I do?

Profiles will unlock after 30 minutes. If you need to get in there right away, call us and we'll unlock it manually.

I’m a student, what does student registration get me?

One of the best things you can do for your fitness career is demonstrate your commitment to being a part of the fitness industry. For this reason, we have a range of services for students to help represent you, help you find work experience and ultimately help you land your first job. Oh, and students pay just 40% of the standard registration fee.

I need a job, can FITREC help?

Absolutely. FITREC professionals receive FREE promotion and employment support via HealthyPeople. This includes assistance with your CV and cover letter if required.