Business Registration

✔ Support a transparent and accountable industry

✔ Includes TWO professional FITREC registrations (Value $240)

✔ Receive a credit equal to your PROUDLY FITREC purchase price for recruiting services on*

✔ Subscribe to staff profiles to be notified of all updates and any upcoming certificate expiry

PROUDLY FITREC (PFR) is a registration service for fitness businesses that delivers more than simply business registration.


  • Show support for a truly transparent and accountable industry - Your PFR profile links to the profiles of all registered fitness staff.
  • Attract leading candidates - Show your support for your team, outline development opportunities and showcase your facility/services.
  • Recognise and support existing staff - PFR includes 2 professionals registrations that you can gift to leading team members.
  • Full support - FITREC and HealthyPeople are experienced in helping business owners connect with proven resources and services.
  • FREE Recruitment services - 100% of your PFR fee can be used as credit for any recruiting services purchased on HealthyPeople. For example, a Standard job ad on HealthyPeople is $379, your PROUDLY FITREC registration reduces the cost of your next ad to just $67. Or grab a couple of weeks Business Membership for FREE!

PROUDLY FITREC - It's business registration you can use. 

$312/YEAR inc. GST. 

* PROUDLY FITREC profile and at least one professional profile must be active for credit to be applied.