Registration for businesses

Registration to help with your biggest challenge - Staff.

FITREC grew out of HealthyPeople, Australia’s largest and most successful fitness industry recruiting service. We created a service that makes it easier for employers to identify, attract, manage and retain a leading fitness team.

Your $580 PROUDLY FITREC registration fee includes...

  • Registration for your business - with Rating
  • A standard Job Ad on HealthyPeople 
  • $240 worth of professional registration.

Consider your business an 'employer of choice'? This is how you show it.

Use your business profile to highlight the benefits of working with you. 

Share photos and videos that promote your team, your philosophy, your facility and any further development that you might provide. This is how you can truly differentiate yourself from other employers.

Like attracts Like.

Your business profile includes tiles for each of your FITREC registered staff - remember, your business registration includes 2 professional registrations. 

Each of these tiles links to the full profile of the professional, giving potential team members insight in the background of those they'll be working with. 

If you've got a strong team, make the most of it.

Are you proud of your team? 

If so, encourage clients to bookmark the profiles for each of your FITREC registered staff. 

This gives them the chance to put a face to your services. Selling Personal Training will be a lot easier when new members already have insight into the Trainers they'd like to work with. 

PLUS, profiles are easily shared. Just sayin'.

Easier management of qualifications and learning.

All certificates and qualifications are always at your fingertips when your staff are FITREC registered. This includes the ability to view relevant certificates for registered professionals applying for work in your facility.

Want to keep learning standards high? Subscribe to the FITREC profiles of staff and receive an alert whenever the LEARNING rating drop below 100/100. 

Start building a stronger and more profitable team today. Grab PROUDLY FITREC registration here.