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Phillip Phillip Barnett

Townsville, QLD

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A Bit About Me

I am a 24 year old PT with over 9 years of gym experience. I have built a quality business revolving around helping people improve their lifestyles, health and well being.

FITREC Becky Becky McCullock

Fitzroy North, VIC


I have worked with Becky for a long time and for all my fitness and adminstrative recruitment needs. From the start, Bec...

Katie Turnbull, New Evolution Ventures

Becky’s professionalism, courtesy and prompt customer support is the main reason I chose to use Healthy People for our ...


Caron Caron Bennier

Lesmurdie, WA

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A Bit About Me

Caron is relatively new to the industry. She has continued her professional development focusing on functional training.

Deanne Deanne Aitken


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A Bit About Me

I have only started working in the fitness industry, but have been involved in the industry for a few years. My past is boxing where i had trained hard and competed for 3 years. Af...

Faith Faith Atkins

Albion park rail, NSW


Faith has been working at our club since 2015 as a Personal Trainer and Boxing instructor. She is always punctual, well ...

Grace Benavente, Fernwood Shellharbour

Scott Scott Draper

Benalla, VIC


A Bit About Me

This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Joel Joel Young

Lilydale, VIC


A Bit About Me

I have studied personal training with the Australian Institute Of Personal Trainers (AIPT).

Erika Erika Broomhead

Honeywood, TAS

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A Bit About Me

I have always had an interest in health and fitness, from participating in school sports and athletics carnivals to joining a gym when I was older, being active has always been a h...

Racheal Racheal Leigh

Newmarket, QLD

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A Bit About Me

With a background in performing arts & entertainment, I started teaching Bollywood Dance in 2009. My interest and background in dance, led me to doing the Zumba Instructor course i...

Stephen Stephen Carthew

Penrith , NSW

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A Bit About Me

I've been training in the gym for over 25 years, training hardcore for my own competitions for the past 7 years entering various bodybuilding competitions with my latest win in the...



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Insurance for ALL Fitness Professionals

I am pleased to announce that HealthyPeople and FITREC have partnered with BizCover to provide a leading insurance package for industry professionals.

Personal Trainers: Employee or contractor? Why does it matter?

Disregarding the employee vs contractor distinction is like doing deadlifts with sloppy form...


If the answer is not here, simply get in touch.

Our Fitness Industry Thrives on Change

FITREC is fast becoming a registration service of choice for fitness professionals. For some, a change in the status quo is hard. But the reality is, it’s change that underpins our industry’s growth.

Employed, Rental or Own Business - Pros and Cons for Each as a Personal Trainer

There are 3 keys ways to operate as a Trainer, here's a quick article to help you appreciate the differences.

FITREC Registration for Group Ex Instructors

Registration has long been an essential part of Group Exercise Instruction. At FITREC we want fitness registration to be more than a tick of approval.

An open letter for Recruitment Managers.

FITREC is still quite new, so here's a letter you can use to introduce FITREC, outline some key benefits of registration and clarify your right to choose who you register with.