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PRESS RELEASE: State and Territory Governments Recognise FITREC.

Jenny Jenny Boxall

Bentleigh, Victoria


A Bit About Me

Becoming a Personal Trainer is a totally new career for me. It's something I have wanted to do for a long period of time, and now that I am qualified, I am extremely excited and en...

Rebecca Rebecca Callaghan

Mudgee, NSW

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Rebecca Callaghan completed her Certificate 3 in Fitness whilst employed as a Casual Fitness instructor at Mudgee Police...

Railene Doherty, Mudgee Police Citizens Youth Club

Jodie Jodie Finn

Watsonia North , VIC


A Bit About Me

This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Scott Scott Heppell

Watsonia, VIC


A Bit About Me

This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Dean Dean Mcglinchey

.., QLD

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A Bit About Me

Hey my name is Dean, I have a background in semi professional sport as a rugby league player so I like to train hard and get results. Secondly my programs will adapt for you to ful...

Jojo Jojo Ancajas

Brisbane , QLD

Current Insurance


Jojo is an enthusiastic and motivating trainer who brings out the best in all his clients. He is a pleasure to be aroun...

Kristy Rawson,

While i was still training in New Zealand for Competition in Muay Thai I trained under Jojo 'Tiger' Ancajas. Jojo is a h...

Sandy Remiens, Brisbane Storm Training

Gareth Gareth Smith

Carlingford, NSW

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A Bit About Me

I initially became involved with Strength Training at the age of 14 to assist with playing sport (Rugby). This interest would eventually develop in to a passion for Powerlifting.

Ivan Ivan Barrios

Petersharm, New South Wales

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A Bit About Me

Introduced to the Pilates reformer over 10 years ago, Ivan found in the practice something more than a simple exercise. Through Pilates Ivan discovered a deep connection, control, ...

Dennis Dennis Foo

Southern River, WA


A Bit About Me

This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Gavin Gavin Umaria

Bardia, New South Wales

Current ABN  /  Current Insurance


A Bit About Me

I am a Personal Trainer that have been in the fitness industry for more than 4 years. I specialise in weight loss and like body weight HIIT training. I have completed my Masters in...



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Insurance for ALL Fitness Professionals

I am pleased to announce that HealthyPeople and FITREC have partnered with BizCover to provide a leading insurance package for industry professionals.

Personal Trainers: Employee or contractor? Why does it matter?

Disregarding the employee vs contractor distinction is like doing deadlifts with sloppy form...


If the answer is not here, simply get in touch.

Our Fitness Industry Thrives on Change

FITREC is fast becoming a registration service of choice for fitness professionals. For some, a change in the status quo is hard. But the reality is, it’s change that underpins our industry’s growth.

Employed, Rental or Own Business - Pros and Cons for Each as a Personal Trainer

There are 3 keys ways to operate as a Trainer, here's a quick article to help you appreciate the differences.

FITREC Registration for Group Ex Instructors

Registration has long been an essential part of Group Exercise Instruction. At FITREC we want fitness registration to be more than a tick of approval.

An open letter for Recruitment Managers.

FITREC is still quite new, so here's a letter you can use to introduce FITREC, outline some key benefits of registration and clarify your right to choose who you register with.