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Update on industry restrictions in Victoria

19/10/20 - The only changes on previous restrictions include removal of the 2-hour limit for exercise and the 5km radius has been extended to 25km.

Claude Castro is 300

CONGRATULATIONS, Claude Castro, for becoming one of Australia's few 300 Rated fitness professionals. A true industry leader.

A new Code for Working in Public Spaces

With the rise of outdoor training sessions, FITREC has assisted registered professionals with the launch of a contemporary Code of Practice for Public Spaces.

Raising the Bar Issue 5

This is our biggest issue yet. It's packed full information to get your head in the right space at this crazy time.

Adriano Adriano Kimura

Redfern, NSW

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A Bit About Me

A qualified Fitness professional with broad experience in the industry, from trainer to assistant manager I have realised that the most personally rewarding job was the one in whic...

Body Jeremy Jeremy Langlois

Sinnamon Park, QLD


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This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Narumol Narumol Charudet

Ettalong Beach, NSW

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"Exercise and Massage for Community"

It is Mon's intervention goal to older adults in Sydney and Central Coast Areas.

She integrated knowledge and concenpt a...

Lachlan Lachlan Moore

Wagga Wagga, NSW

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Alex Alex Zemkus

Seaford, SA

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Helping you train to be "Functionally Fit!

With our programs you'll be using movements that are both familiar & similar to those you use almost every single day, making ...

Steven Steven Manning

Payneham, SA

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A highly focused and professional coach specializing in Strength, Conditioning and Fitness Nutrition who will guide, educate and motivate you towards your health and fitness goals.

Nick Nick Makris

Kensington, NSW

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I am a personal trainer with 10+ years of experience, specialising in Fat Loss, Body Transformations, Strength & Conditioning, Hypertrophy/Muscle Gain, Nutritional Guidance and Min...

Mitchell Mitchell Burrows

Lysterfield, VIC


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Have experience in many different aspects of fitness, whether employed, volunteer, internship or placement.
I have drawn from all of these and use knowledge from all of them ...

Jan Jan Liow

Mountain Creek, QLD

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I have been doing Pilates on and off at various gyms for many years. I first did Jan’s class at a Sunshine Coast gym and...

Webster Suzanne,

Jan Liow is a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated Pilates instructor. Her classes are designed to fit many levels o...

Shirley Cornish,

Veeanna Veeanna Wings

Salisbury, QLD

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