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Kimberley Kimberley Leggett

Prahran, VIC


A Bit About Me

Upon completing my Fitness Certification at the WYN Institute in 2015, I also qualified as a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach. Since walking into a gym, I've explored a variety o...

Christopher Christopher Richardson

Ivanhoe, VIC


A Bit About Me

Highly motivated and knowledgeable personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in designing and monitoring exercise programs based on client needs, goals, abilities, and anat...

Bridgette Bridgette Dodd

Wagga Wagga, NSW


A Bit About Me

This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Tannur Tannur Sahin

Parkdale, VIC


It has been approximately 3 months since I started training with you and you have completely changed my life. Through yo...

Brendan Strubel,

I have known Tannur for 9 months and they have been the best nine healthy months of my life. I have trained with a few p...

Jenny Lombard,

Jenny Jenny Boxall

Bentleigh, VIC

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This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Catherine Catherine Grapsas

Werribee, VIC

Current ABN


Cathy is a dedicated and passionate Group Fitness Instructor. As one of our longer serving instructors, she has establi...

Kelly Fereti , Western Leisure Services

James James Arundell

Bell Park, VIC


A Bit About Me

This professional has not yet entered their summary.

Brendon Brendon McTainsh

Brisbane, QLD

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I have been trained by Brendon for over 12 months. Brendon has demonstrated a passion and enthusiasm for personal train...

Dr Gene Tyson, The University of Queensland

I have been training with Brendon for over six months and have received significant benefit through both his specific tr...

Bryan Pryde, Executive Director

Life PT Kristin Kristin Lewis

Adelaide, SA


A Bit About Me

Kristin completed a bachelor of human movement (sports science) and has been a personal trainer since 2000. He founded and is the Managing Director of Life PT where he splits his ...

Richard Richard Christian

Condon, QLD

Current ABN  /  Current Insurance


With Richard as my PT I achieved the best results I ever had under his instruction. I have some before and after pictur...

Kelly Keys,

I have trained with Richard in the past and he is a wonderful trainer. He is willing to take the time to understand his ...

Jenna Pennell,



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Insurance for ALL Fitness Professionals

I am pleased to announce that HealthyPeople and FITREC have partnered with BizCover to provide a leading insurance package for industry professionals.

The Basics on Restraint of Trade

Employment contracts can stop Trainers from contacting clients after they have resigned...


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Our Fitness Industry Thrives on Change

FITREC is fast becoming a registration service of choice for fitness professionals. For some, a change in the status quo is hard. But the reality is, it’s change that underpins our industry’s growth.

FITREC Registration for Group Ex Instructors

Registration has long been an essential part of Group Exercise Instruction. At FITREC we want fitness registration to be more than a tick of approval.

7 Ways FITREC is Working for Fitness Employers.

Fitness businesses rise on the strength of their teams. So it makes sense that an industry registration service should do as much as possible to help with the recruitment and retention of staff. Here are eight ways that FITREC is working for fitness employers...

An open letter for Recruitment Managers.

Here's a letter you can use to introduce FITREC, outline some key benefits of registration and clarify your right to choose who you register with.