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Rehab Trainer

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Rehab Trainer

Rehab Express is an energetic, practical, one-day programme that you can complete as a powerful and practical face-face workshop, or remotely on-line with supplementary content.

In this course you will genuinely learn

HOW TO help fix your clients' low risk, niggling problems and aches and pains - that, let's be honest, most clients and even Trainers themselves, have!

If you have never experienced how you could help all your clients with niggling aches and pains, you will be surprised at how they will rave to their friends about what you are doing to help them...

Keep clients on their fitness plans with less injury frustration!

You can easily help your injured clients without becoming a Physiotherapist or Medical Professional.

The key is the incredible “R+E+H+A+B” skill-set. It keeps you safe from making mistakes with injured areas, and yet gives you powerful tools to make a difference!

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