Core & Pelvis Active Rehab workshop

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Core & Pelvis Active Rehab workshop


This practical workshop is ideal for fitness professionals who are looking to tailor personalised programs for their 1-on-1 clients to restore optimal function in the CORE & PELVIS region.

The core and pelvis provide a strong foundation for the correct functional movement of the rest of the body. Dysfunctions in this area can lead to injuries elsewhere so it is essential that your training program includes core and pelvis stability.

This workshop will provide you with the skills to assess the core and pelvis, identify common dysfunctions, and provide you with the tools to develop the most appropriate progressive strengthening program to address many issues. 

Learn how pelvic stability plays a key role in the rehabilitation and prevention of all lower limb injuries, as well as:

  • The latest concepts of retraining core stability, including specific activation and strengthening for the pelvic floor muscles, diaphragm, transversus abdominus and deep spinal stabilisers.
  • Understand how the core is the foundation of stability and strength for optimal pelvic stability.
  • Develop your understanding of how to improve and prevent sacroiliac joint pain through utilising the teams of muscles known as the pelvic sling system.
  • Ensure your functional fitness exercises are training the correct muscles by learning tricks and tips to activate the gluteus maximus, medius and hip external rotators.
  • Learn techniques to downtrain the muscles that are prone to “spasm” around the pelvis causing compensatory patterns that increase the risk of injury.
  • Develop exercise progressions for the anterior and posterior oblique systems, as well as the lateral pelvic stabilisers.

Available Online,  Live Webinar or as part of the Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop

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