Hip Active Rehab

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Hip Active Rehab

This practical workshop will provide you with the skills to develop a personalised program, tailored to address your client’s specific postural dysfunctions or injuries, with the aim of restoring optimal function in the HIP area.

You will learn how to assess the hip region and to identify common injuries and dysfunctions. From these foundations, we will look at specific progressive strengthening techniques to address the hip issues identified. This comprehensive section will look at specific muscles, how they contribute to hip function, and progressive exercise techniques to rehabilitate or strengthen the area.

Key learnings from the workshop include:

  • Understand how posture can affect muscle length and tension around the hip.
  • Understand gravity’s effect on the hip joint.
  • Be able to prescribe specific stretches and strengthening exercises to address the main concerns for all the common hip injuries.
  • Perform specific length tests for muscles acting around the hip.
  • Understand how to progress a program from isolated activation to more functional training for specific muscle groups associated with the hip.
  • Understand the anatomy and function of the muscle groups associated with the hip.
  • Understand how to activate individual muscles to ensure they are working properly before starting a strengthening program.
  • Know the correct instructional cues to help your client activate individual muscles.
  • Be able to demonstrate a variety of exercise progressions for each of the major muscle groups associated with the hip.

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