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Boxing for Fitness


Further Your Fitness are dedicated to helping fitness professional go above and beyond in their chosen fitness careers. Further Your Fitness courses include boxing, mixed martial arts, kettlebells and nutrition. Our courses are designed to allow trainers to integrate practical training skills into their business model. Here at Further Your Fitness, we thrive on our ability to present affordable courses of the highest standards to Personal Trainers throughout Australia. We also provide martial arts equipment and personal training mentorships.

Our coaches specialize in their respective fields and have dedicated their careers to educating fitness professionals. Walking the talk and practicing what we preach are crucial values that Further Your Fitness coaches live by. Competing in their chosen fields at a professional level and integrating that into the principals of a personal training session are what sets us apart from our competitors.

Boxing for Fitness Rundown

This course has been delivered to over 2000 fitness professionals.

Duration: 4 Hours
Instructor: Jared Thomlinson
Cost: $150

Introduction -15 Minutes
We go through the history, boxing as a sport, boxing for fitness, distribution and tutorial of hand wraps and inners.
The introduction also includes a detailed safety brief that involves risk assessment and analysis, rules and regulation of the course, appropriate partner selection, wrist and shoulder punch safety and basic first aid kit run through
Warm Ups - 30 Minutes
A range of fun, creative and sport specific ways to warm up group and personal training clients participating in boxing.
Pad holding and Stance fundamentals - 30 Minutes
Correct way to hold pads, recommended stance techniques and hand technique.
Punch Technique - 30 Minutes
Working technique for a range of punches including hooks, jabs, uppercuts, rips and the cross (how to punch safely). This will also involve correct footwork to assist in punch power.
Break - 15 Minutes
Lunch Provided
Combinations- 30 Minutes
Working through a range of boxing combinations and workout techniques including crunch punching, relative strength, punch runs and combinations.
Cool Down Exercises - 15 Minutes
A range of fun, sport specific ways to cool down group and personal training clients.
Boxing Practicals- 1 Hour
Group boxing session outlining all the fundamental skills learned. This part of the course will give an in depth look at how to structure a beginner group boxing session using components of a group session including, demo (including technique points), warm ups, workouts (combinations and fit box) and cool downs (stretching).
In this section, the participant will structure and facilitate a 20 minute boxing session for a random group member to participate in. This will be assessed by the presenter via the assessment checklist.

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