Movement Therapist (Ex Phys / Physio) for Immediate Start

Queensland, Australia

We need a qualified AEP who has PT, personal growth, fitness coaching or online marketing experience.


BFiTT Allied Health & Private Training

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Ex. Scientist/Physiologist


Added on 7/2/2020

Expires on 8/5/2020

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You may have seen us, hear of us or even know us, but at the moment BFiTT is blowing up BIG TIME.

We've hired a team to look after the MASSIVE influx of new applicants who want to work with us and now we need someone to join our MOVEMENT THERAPY team to help us coaching and mentoring our amazing rehab clients.

This team member will be the catalyst for change in our clients - they will be coaching, mentoring and supporting them as we fix EVERY issue our clients have - health related, financial and personal. Most importantly, this person will be an ear for support and the backbone of our clients' success.

This role is perfect if you're great at leading, inspiring others and helping people stay committed to their most important values. Part of being a great coach is being able to communicate and guide someone through their challenges and inspire them to take action despite their fears or roadblocks. Is this you?

You MUST be a qualified AEP and have at minimum PT, personal growth, fitness coaching or online marketing experience.

You MUST have the skills to perform the movements you prescribe and coach to your clients yourself. (Ie: You must be able to walk the walk) You must be dedicated to your own health, not everyone wants to be ripped, but we all want to be healthy, and you can’t lead someone from the back of the pack.

To be considered for this position;

  1. You need to have a deep desire to make a difference and impact people’s lives through health, mindset and their career.
  2. You MUST be a fast learner and willing to learn. It is beneficial if you have a health or science related degree or experience.
  3. You must love fitness and be willing to live the BFiTT ethos. This means being active, fun, mentally stable, and having a firm grasp on what you want for your career. 
  4. You must be a super high communicator, not only with clients, but with your teammates. We have an amazing team, and we intend to keep it that way. Show up, be a person of your word and always have integrity as we continue to empower each other and serve our clients at the highest level.
  5. You must desire to work with BFiTT full time and long term. This position is full time salary (minimum 40 hours) and you cannot run your own “thing on the side” outside of BFiTT. The more hours you can put in, the faster you will grow and succeed.
  6. You must be willing and hungry to learn our methods and ethos so you fully understand what we teach.

The role of a BFiTT movement therapist or coach is quite different to most roles in the allied health industry - the role isn't limited to prescription only. Our specialists are mentors and people who our clients can turn to in their time of need.

If this is you, here’s what you do.

  1. Apply Here.
  2. Find and Like us on Facebook (BFiTT Townsville) have a read and do your research.
  3. Then message us so we know you’re keen and we'll shoot you back a quick message to continue your application.
  4. Fill it out.

Once received we’ll review your application and be in touch asap 🤟🏽

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