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Make your passion inspire change
You didn’t become a group fitness instructor because you like group exercise – you became a group fitness instructor because you LOVE it.

In order to not only maintain this passion, but to grow it, you need to evolve and refine your instructor skills. By doing so, you can deliver better group fitness experiences and instill the same passion for movement in your participants.

My Group Move was created to achieve exactly this. We are head-over-heels for group exercise and by combining this love for it with our wealth of experience, we can help you set hearts on fire in your classes!

How do we do this? Through online and face-to-face courses and workshops that address common gaps in instructor skill sets.

From learning the art of warm ups and how to truly get in sync with the music, to crystal clear communication and game-changing choreography techniques, our programs empower you to elevate your instructor game, supercharge your classes and turn occasional participants into avid regulars!

I have been in the fitness industry almost 30 years and honestly My Group Move workshops are without a doubt *the best* in terms of content, education, and value for money. These are the only workshops I need to do. And I love that they are online!

Karin, ,
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Something you might know about me is that I’m a #fitnessaddict, and you should know I’m also a nerd. With My Group Move I have both hobbies of mine combined!! I get to keep learning about fitness in such a fun way, I love it!!

Irene, ,
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

What a blast!! Another fabulous workshop, I totally enjoyed every minute of GX DAY. The mix of exercise ideas and the emotional/psychological side of our business was ‘the total package’. I came away with new skills and ideas and a renewed energy for my job as a Group Exercise Instructor. I can’t thank you guys enough. What a team. Can’t wait until you come to Adelaide again. Thanks so much for a fabulous day!!!

Sue Kerr, ,
Tuesday, May 18, 2021