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Marietta Mehanni

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An acclaimed ‘group fitness Guru’ and highly regarded in the industry as an ‘instructor’s instructor’, Marietta creates and delivers training to increase the skills of group fitness professionals.

Through face-to-face and virtual workshops she educates instructors in the art of delivering high quality group exercise experiences, ranging from those you’ll find on every club timetable, through to aqua, Gymstick and her own proprietary program mSwing.

With over 20 years’ experience working in the fitness industry, Marietta also offers mentoring services, resources and memberships for aqua and group fitness professionals, as well as lifetime access to her online courses.

Marietta is also co-founder of My Group Move, providing courses for Group Exercise Instructors. 

Marietta Mehanni

Group Exercise & Aqua Aerobics


Functional core and from the waist down in Singapore “I absolutely did get some great stuff from the two workshops, already using in my bodysculpt and ABT classes this week. So thank you very much for coming over and sharing with us, it was great to see you too.

Toni F, ,
Friday, June 18, 2021

Thanks Marietta and Mark, this course (Memory Through Movement) has given me a lot more knowledge on the 'why' we should all be moving our head more. I teach a lot of infant swimming classes and have always done vestibular movement within the class but only ever briefly spoke about the why because of my limited knowledge. Now I feel I can give parents a lot more information about the value of moving their infants head. This goes for my Aqua participants also!

Sharyn C, ,
Friday, June 18, 2021

Marietta’s gymstick session was again very interesting, fun and exciting. Marietta demonstrated full range of exercises that covered the whole body and most of all it made you burn those extra calories. The Gymstick is a very useful and portable tool that all PTs should own.

Scott C, ,
Friday, June 18, 2021