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Belinda has been a certification assessor for Les Mills Australia since 1999. For this role, Belinda has been required to participate in regular & ongoing training modules & is expected to attend quarterly updates in the programs that she teaches within & assesses for. Belinda is one of our most productive assessors & has a strong commitment to the quality of our programs, being both efficient & consistent in her work.

Kris Beissner, Training Manager, Les Mills
May 2020

Belinda worked with the Renaissance Sydney Hotel from May 1995 - January 1997. Belinda was employed as the Hotel's Fitness Centre Manager. Belinda is an extremely committed, enthusiastic and dedicated individual. Her contribution to the success of the fitness centre was significant. She played an active role in increasing membership and developing the service that the department offered. Belinda earnt the respect of her fellow associates and was awarded Associate of the Month in November 1996. She is professional, hardworking and an active contributor to the organisation.

Andrew Newmark, Director of Human Resources, Renaissance Sydney Hotel
May 2020