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Marinus is a great trainer who goes above and beyond with his clients. He is a favourite with all our clients and does a great job in his assessment, group classes and one on one training. We are very lucky to have him as part of our team and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer or good Group Instructor

Steve Woods, Fitness Coordinator, Blackwood Community Recreation Centre
Dec 2019

Marinus has been my personal trainer since August 2016. He has been a very supportive, encouraging and flexible trainer who has taken me through a number of stages. I initially recruited his help to lose weight and tone upper body in preparation for a wedding. Then he developed a plan to improve core and back strength as well as identifying significant flexibility issues for which he provided training and at home exercises. He was also able to help me rehabilitate from a rotator cuff injury and now is continuing to train me well into my second trimester of pregnancy. The work outs are always variable and interesting, and pushes me just enough without feeling at my limits. Highly recommend!

Karmen , CLIENT
Dec 2019