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I have been attending lunchtime Boot Camp sessions run by Tim Robinson for a few years now. I have no hesitation in saying that he is a fabulous instructor and coach - inclusive, respectful and with a great sense of humour (which helps when the going gets tough!) He is very safety conscious and very much promotes participants working to their own fitness and energy levels. He takes an interest in our wellbeing and is always ready to offer alternative exercises to accommodate injuries or special needs. He is also a great role model with his own stamina and fitness regime. Additionally he is great at boosting morale. Thank you so much Tim for all of your great work!

Nov 2019

Tim is an awesome fitness instructor! I've been attending his lunchtime boot camp class on and off for about 3.5 years. He is always smiling and enthusiastic but never fails to thoroughly torture us ;) I started when I was 20 weeks pregnant and Tim kindly adapted every exercise to suit my needs. He does the same for anyone with any type of condition or injury and always encourages us to train hard but safely. Can't recommend him highly enough :)

Nov 2019

I have been attending Tim's classes over the last five or six years. I have found him to always be well prepared with a first aid kit on hand. Tim also ensures activities are performed in a safe manner, and he provides alternate exercises to cater to all fitness levels and those with pre-existing injuries. Tim's positive attitude and sense of humour make exercise fun. This provides a motivational atmosphere where participants encourage each other to improve their fitness.

Nov 2019