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I first met Chenille while managing Managing Trainers for Equilibrium Health & Fitness in Rowville. When the chance to have her on our team at HealthyPeople and FITREC arose, I leapt at the opportunity. Chenille is fantastic with customers and focused on developing herself as a professional. A valuable recent addition to our team.

Dennis Hosking, Managing Director, HealthyPeople, FITREC
Oct 2015

Chenille and I have worked together for the past couple of years. She's a very enthusiastic and customer-service focused worker who is always willing to help. She is hardworking, fun, and is a great addition to our team.

Becky McCullock, Admin & Client Services, HealthyPeople & FITREC
May 2017

Chenille is an over-achiever. She is constantly going above and beyond to accommodate our member's needs. Her attention to detail is a strong quality and her caring nature makes her a pleasure to work with. A valuable asset to the FITREC team and just an amazing person in general!

Luis, National Development Manager, FITREC
Feb 2019

This is to say thank you for the great job that you do at St Joseph's. You have managed some extraordinary circumstances and what a great job you've done. I have had several positive comments from families who really appreciate the consistency and structure you have managed to build at the service. You have developed into a super-coordinator and taken ownership of the Service with integrity and professionalism. You have worked with the staff to bring out their best, showing patience and flexibility. We see your strength in your consistency and organisation. You have also managed to interest traditionally inactive children to participate in active afterschool sports program.

Ruwayda Henri, Director, Zubees OSHC Services
May 2019

Just a short note to thank you on behalf of the Club and the boys for your wonderful contribution to a successful year for University Blacks... Your own contribution to that effort is truly valued. We all know how difficult it is for sporting clubs and community organsiations to flourish given the amount of work involved. As a first year president, I have not only admired but greatly enjoyed, working around such wonderful contributors as yourself.

Ray Wilson, President, University Blacks
May 2019