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Dave Liow is one of the most brilliant fitness minds I have ever met. He has an incredible knowledge and understanding of how the body functions, and he has developed some of the best assessment and treatment systems for addressing pain and movement dysfunction that I have seen anywhere in the world. Dave is also a world class educator with the ability to teach complex concepts in a way that helps his students both learn the theoretical concepts and understand how to apply them in real life situations. As the founder and CEO of CrankIt Fitness, I have learnt an immense amount from Dave, and could not recommend him highly enough!

Owen Bowling, CEO, CrankIt Fitness
Jun 2017

I have known Dave for 10 years+, from Personal Trainer / Exercise Physiologist, to an educator and mentor for the exercise industry in both Australia and New Zealand, regular confernce presenter at numerous exercise / rehab conferences around the globe, as well as board members of key organisations such as the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals. Dave has a proven track record, and an excellent reputation. Dave is one of the most popular presenters @ our FitEx conference in NZ, which attracts some 800+ attendees each year. Feedback on his sessions consistently ranks Dave as one of the highly sought after presenters on a wide range of topics.

Richard Beddie, CEO, Exercise Assocation of New Zealand
Jun 2017

I have been a colleague of David’s since 2009 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. David’s knowledge of the body & human movement, progression, understanding, development and leadership of his clients and peers is second to none. His coaching & teaching has a wide range of specialty. Ranging between elite athletes from varied sports to those who are older and simply looking for a better quality of life through ease of movement and being pain free. David also has a strong following in the fitness, holistic health & strength & conditioning industry. David is a true leader in the industry who walks his talk.

Hamish McMichael, Owner & Centre Manager , Kaizen Exercise Physiologists
Jun 2017

Dave Liow has been a friend, colleague and admired professional of mine and others for many years. His knowledge, creativity and application in the area of wellness, movement and conditioning is second to none. Dave has been duly acknowledged by his peers within many industries, holding successful positions of leadership in elite sport, education and business. Dave is a person with strong values, willing to help, direct and guide people when required. I am privileged to have worked with, alongside and for Dave in his many roles in the Health and Wellness Industry and hold his skills, experience and integrity in the highest regard.

Ian ODwyer, Founder, OD on Movement
Jun 2017