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Jade Jade Hayek
West Preston , VIC
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Personal Training

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3 years

A Bit About Me

Overall health is a means of mind health which in turn creates a positive body message. With expertise in functional/body weight training, nutrition, and post and prenatal training, sustainability and long-term commitment is what I strive to bring about in my career. Health is our number one priority, our bodies should be nourished with love and care, and in turn, we will reach our goals.

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Before I started training with Jade my main focus was to loose weight. I constantly would tell Jade this, and I never fully understood all the terms she would use with me. Now "sustainability" is a word I actually proudly use. Jade helped me realise that if I wanted to pursuit my goal, all I needed to do was believe in myself and ENJOY training as oppose to doing it for the sake of "loosing weight". Now training is an enjoyable thing for me and living a healthier lifestyle is second nature. Thank you Jadey you're a true inspiration girly!

Mary Khneisser, CLIENT
Sep 2017

The day I decided to change my lifestyle was in 2012. I always lived an active lifestyle being a tennis player but it wasn't enough and there were many changes that needed to happen. Nutrition being the major one. My goals from day dot were to look healthier & feel healthier, drop body fat and tone my overall body (stomach being my number one). Jade helped me reached these goals within the first few months. 6 months in and I was where I wanted to be. From there it was all about maintenance and being the best I could be. If there is anyone to recommend Jade, it would be me because I have seen her work ethic and passion over the years and she will help you reach your goals.

Celeste Hayek, CLIENT
Sep 2017

Jade has been training me for 9 weeks now and she is amazing! She tailors my training sessions to suit my fitness goals and my interests. Not only do I feel stronger and healthier but Jade is also the reason why I now love to wake up in the morning to do those burpees and squats! She is great at motivating me and challenging me to push myself and I would recommend Jade to anyone who wants to make a change for the better!

Alana Capone, CLIENT
Sep 2017

Work History (35/100)

Owner/Personal Trainer Jan 2016 - Current
Jade Hayek Health and Fitness
Personal Trainer May 2014 - May 2015
F.I.T (Fit in time)
Personal Trainer Feb 2014 - Dec 2014
Instyle Health club

Education (30/100)

Certificate IV in Fitness Jun 2013 - Dec 2013
Certificate III in Fitness Jun 2013 - Dec 2013


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