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I’m happy to share my progress in this recommendation for my personal trainer David, who has helped me make permanent life changes for better health and wellbeing. The fitness expertise David has offered over the last two years for improving my self-confidence, strength and diet has led to the best improvements in my daily life. It is entirely worth the investment in myself and I’m enjoying the compliments from family and friends too. It's all due to David's honesty, professional knowledge and I can’t forget sense of humour in structuring my fitness program, checking in with me and providing sound advice along the way, I’m now a happier person, exercising regularly (and enjoying it!).

Nicole McLean, CLIENT
Mar 2020

David Kahanoff has been my Personal Trainer for 13 years. David's easy going, fun nature combined with a true commitment his clients' fitness and results form a fantastic combination. Personally, I have achieved great fitness and health results under David's guidance throughout this time. David has fostered a fantastic group of clients who I have also become great friends with. I always look forward to our classes. David has recently pivoted his business to include on-line video and Youtube training which is a testament to his flexibility and adaptabilty to client needs. I cannot recommend David Kahanoff and his business - Studio 55 - enough to any new potential clients.

Glenn H'worth, CLIENT
Apr 2020