About FITREC Ratings

FITREC ratings are designed to help industry professionals differentiate themselves.

Scores are accomplishment-based - reflecting Experience, Education (qualifications and professional development) and References. 

Each of these three areas is a rated out of 100, providing a maximum possible FITREC rating of 300. You can see the contributing value of each at the top of each section on a professional's profile. 

A score less than 100 reflects new talent. Between 100 and 200 demonstrates an emerging but focused industry professional. A FITREC rating north of 230 is an industry leader. And at 300, this person is a Titan!

How does it work?

  • Experience = Increases with every six months of industry experience with a maximum score of 100 at 12+ years.
  • Education = LEVEL A, B and C rated courses carry different values, all of which begin depreciating after a set period of time.
  • References = Employers, Clients and Industry peers (management level) carry different values. These also depreciate over time.

Why a FITREC rating? 

All fitness professionals are not created equal - this is the first genuine benchmarking tool for our industry. 

Be part of a modern registration alternative.  

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