About the FITREC Rating


Whether by specialisation, experience, qualifications, no two fitpros are the same.

The FITREC rating provides the industry with the first and only genuine benchmarking tool. Irrespective of background, the FITREC rating provides immediate insight into any registered professional.

What is the FITREC rating?

The FITREC rating reflects Experience, Education, and Recognition. Each of these three areas is rated out of 100, providing a maximum possible FITREC rating of 300. The contributing value of each area can be found at the top of each section on a professional's profile. How do we calculate the points for each area?


Your experience points increase with every six months of work in a fitness role. The maximum score of 100 points is achieved at 12+ years.


Initial qualifications and ongoing professional development opportunities carry different values, all of which begin depreciating after a set period of time. 

Recognition & References

Social proof is as relevant here as it is anywhere else. References from various stakeholders carry different values.

At a glance, the FITREC rating provides valuable insight into a fitness professional...

  • >120 = New Talent. 
  • 120 - 230 = A developing talent in the fitness industry 
  • 230 - 290 = An accomplished fitness professional
  • 290 - 300 = An experienced industry leader

From there, FITREC profiles give any interested employer, client, or allied health professional a complete breakdown of how the score is achieved, along with additional supporting information and attached certificates.

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