Our chat with Ryan Hogan, CEO of Les Mills Asia Pacific, was fantastic!

It's not often that we get to ask questions of an Australian fitness leader of this calibre. Ryan not only possess a wealth of experience and knowledge drawn from his own career, as the CEO in Asia Pacific, for the world's most popular group exercise program, he has access to the collective experience of industry people and facilities both nationally and internationally. 

In this conversation, topics covered include...

  • How our industry's experience of the pandemic compares with that of other countries
  • The 60/40 split identified in the recent Les Mills report 
  • What it means for Clubs, Studios and Trainers
  • The Hub and Spoke Model
  • The importance of the instructor in getting people back into the gym.
  • Key reasons why we're all losing staff...
  • And the opportunities this presents
  • Our growth as an industry
  • Coming back from exhaustion

Thank you to everyone that joined us on the day.