Can an Employee be Forced to Purchase Registration

Can you force an employee to buy registration? 

It’s not unlawful for employers to require appropriate qualifications/certifications (another example is first aid). However, they shouldn’t be forcing applicants to a particular provider.

AusActive's efforts to have employers insist their employees purchase AusActive registration is not just questionably legal, it's morally corrupt. 

It shows zero respect for the rights of working professionals, encourages heavy-handed behaviour from employers and very clearly flies in the face of the intent of the Fair Work Act to protect the rights of employees. 

We understand that AusActive believes it is within the law to operate this way. To this we say, even if this were the case, surely best practice would be to respect the intent of the law, not find ways around it for commercial gain.

We should be pushing for an industry that is an example of best practices to all others.

If we hope to have an enduring impact on government, allied health industries, and the general public, conducting ourselves both professionally and ethically is essential. 

We need to show that we;

Respect both the letter and the tenet of the law and...

Respect the rights of professionals who are integral to our industry and the businesses in which they work.

Competition raises the bar for the benefit of all stakeholders. Anticompetitive behaviour and bullying tactics have no place in our industry.