COVID Updates for Victoria

18 October 2020

In short, no real concessions for the fitness industry. 

The only real changes on previous restrictions include removal of the two-hour limit for exercise and the 5km radius from home or work limitation has been extended to 25km.

29 September 2020 (edited to include new information relating to Permitted Workers)

The Second Step out of restrictions in metro Melbourne begins Monday 28/09. 

For the Melbourne metro area this means...

Outdoor Personal Training only: 

  • Limited to 2 people, plus the personal trainer, but excluding children under 12 months. 
  • Equipment sharing is not permitted
  • COVID Safe plans must be in place and VISIBLE
  • Social distancing is a must
  • Trainers can work for a full day, not just two hours
  • The Trainer can travel more than 5km to provide the session, but clients cannot be more than 5km from home
  • Trainers need to keep client attendance registers and record start time, finish times and keep accurate records of sessions in case someone tested positive for COVID 19 (now could be a time to ask for Traky)
  • Ensure your CPR/First Aid details are up to date and your insurance covers you for training outdoors
  • Must be in a public space - back yards are not permitted (view the four reasons for leaving the house here
  • The Trainer must wear a mask

Personal Trainers working outdoors are permitted workers

There will be zero tolerance for non permit holders, please download the form on this page. You will need to present it when requested by police or other inspectors.

06 September 2020

Stage 4 continues in metro Melbourne for an additional two weeks - to September 28. 

For the Melbourne metro area this means...

No change to 'in-person' fitness sessions in the Melbourne metro area will occur until we reach an average daily case rate of 30-50 cases in Metro Melbourne over the previous 14 days (or on September 28, whichever is the latter). At this time, Stage 2, Outdoor PT will be permitted with up to two (2) clients.

For the Regional areas...

No change to 'in-person' fitness sessions in the regional areas will occur until infection rates are <5 new cases (regional average over last 14 days) and 0 cases with an unknown source (regional total last 14 days). At this point, Stage Three, gyms can open but will be heavily restricted.

Note, Outdoor Personal Training sessions in regional areas may be possible from September 13. This is unclear at present.

For more details, head to the DHHS website.

Stay safe.

13 August 2020

This post has been edited to remove the suggestion that Training clients is at all possible. 

You CANNOT train clients at this time. 

For all directives relating to Stage 4 and Sport and Exercise, click here.

Stay safe.

04 August 2020

Victoria is in a State of Disaster. If you're in a Stage 4 Lockdown area, restrictions are prohibitive.

Stage 4 Restrictions include;

  • No more than one hour away from the home per day, per person.
  • No more than two people exercising together at a time.
  • No further than 5km from home

Keep in mind the reason for these restrictions and understand that the penalties for failing to comply are significant. 

If you're in regional Victoria (not in Stage 4 restriction), swimming pools, playgrounds and gyms will be shut, and community sport will also stop. But, up to two people can exercise with a Personal Trainer outdoors.

Our information has been gathered from the DHHS website.