Registration for a global industry

The fitness industry is global. Now, fitness registration is as well.

Fitness employers are international.  Educators are international.

Traditional fitness registration, though, has been restricted to a particular country (with no uniformity between countries) or it's simply been a reference to the original certification. 

As a result, despite sharing many professional development opportunities, professionals find themselves unable to move easily into fitness roles when travelling overseas.

Just as importantly, professionals are left with no easy way to measure themselves against other professionals. 

FITREC provides a truly international registration solution.

With FITREC registration, professionals can demonstrate to any employer, client or allied health professional their full background of education and experience. 

FITREC also provides a universal benchmarking tool that allows any professional to compare themselves with others, both locally and internationally. 

Is FITREC recognised in my country?

Yes, your FITREC registration is a genuine alternative in most countries (while highly regarded, there are very few places where registration is actually a legal requirement). 

A well presented FITREC profile provides any fitness employer with more insight into an industry professional than would normally be available.  In addition, finding great staff can be a challenge. International education and experience should not be an obstacle to employment. 

Will my qualification be recognised?

If your qualification is not in our system, we'll review all available information on the course to assess it's suitability for inclusion. Most generally accepted qualifications are recognised by FITREC.

Join the world's first truly unified industry. 

Together, we can achieve more for the physical and mental health of our communities.