Help with Remote Training Options

In the fight to contain COVID-19, the government has forced the lock-down of all gyms and studios. To assist clubs and studios through this difficult period, FITREC will be bringing together a suite of experienced online and remote training service providers to help encourage the continuation of membership income. 

We need to do things differently

We're working to provide fitness businesses a means to justify the continuation of fitness memberships via the provision of alternative services. These services could include the provision of group sessions, nutritional advice, home strength workouts, home cardio sessions, mindfulness sessions, etc. 

Our aim is to make these services available to participating businesses for only a fraction of their normal membership dues. Fees charged will go directly to the service provider. There is no financial benefit to FITREC.

We see this as a win for the members - they have access to programs that suit their needs, a win for the club - memberships and the resulting income are maintained, and a win for the industry's professionals that have set up and run these programs.

There are challenging times ahead for our industry and we must begin thinking differently. We need to focus on solutions that help move the industry forward. It's to the advantage of all fitness businesses, large and small to put aside what was and look to what is and what could be. 

We need to respect the intention of the shutdown

FITREC would like to clarify for all professionals and fitness businesses that we are facing a pandemic that is unprecedented in our times. Make no mistake, the government is taking dramatic action to prevent person to person transmission. Their use of the word 'gym' should be taken as general in nature. Do not assume that boot-camps and other outdoor training formats are immune from transmission - irrespective of cleaning and distancing protocols.

We have been asked about the fact that Fitness Australia, since the announcement of gym closures, has been promoting the continuation of all outdoor training services. We are disappointed by this cavalier and irresponsible approach. It's a directive that suggests a failure to grasp the enormity of the problem we're facing and putting short term gain ahead of potentially fatal consequences for clients and their families. 

We strongly advise all outdoor trainers to join us in the provision of alternative training solutions. Let clients know that you want them and their families to stay safe, to be fit and to remain healthy. At this time, this means encouraging them to stay home and avoid any unnecessary contact with others.

Calling all professionals that provide remote and virtual training and coaching services

Now, more than ever, we need to flex our creative muscles to find solutions to the current challenge. We encourage all fitness businesses to get in touch with FITREC to begin the process of delivering new remote training opportunities for members. Similarly, we would like to hear from any professionals that have experience, and an established platform for delivering remote training and coaching programs. 

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our industry, our members and their clients. 

UPDATE 06.04.20: Hi all, when I first proposed this, we were in the very early days of the pandemic (for Australia). After posting, things escalated very quickly and our time was diverted to responding to queries and providing updates for the community. By the time we were able to return to this idea, the volume of offerings, not the least the rise of Zoom as a workout tool, rendered the idea somewhat obsolete.

Having said that, if there's anything we can help with, please get in touch. Thank you to all that responded. D

Dennis Hosking

Managing Director, FITREC.