use your fitrec profile to get a job - literally!

You can now apply for any jobs listed on FITREC quickly and easily with your FITREC profile.

We always intended for FITREC profiles to become an industry standard for benchmarking professionals and an accepted tool for job applications. We're pleased to have taken this further with job applications via FITREC.

All jobs posted to HealthyPeople are now automatically listed on FITREC. 

Professionals with FITREC PRO registration can apply for these roles by simply adding a cover letter and clicking send. The application that goes to the employer will automatically include a link to your FITREC profile. 

FITREC profiles are a much better reflection of your abilities than many standard CVs

Why? The majority of CVs are poorly put together and fail to highlight your relevant qualifications and experience.

Employers want to know that you’ve maintained your professional development. 

Nothing demonstrates this more clearly that a FITREC profile. PLUS, as there are no minimum ongoing education requirements, you can still maintain an active profile with all previous learning without the need to gather points for the sake of it.

Your FITREC profile shows employers that you’re invested in your career. 

In an industry that is renowned for high turnover, employers look for evidence of commitment to a fitness career.

References are right there for the recruiting manager to see. 

The purpose of the CV or FITREC profile is to get the employers to call (it’s from there that you secure the interview). While references on a CV can make a document cluttered and long, the references on your FITREC profile are designed to compliment without getting in the way.

Your FITREC profile is a dynamic record of your achievements. 

If an employer wishes to check back on your progress, maybe with a view to offering a position in the future, they can see exactly what you’ve achieved since you last spoke. A CV, on the other hand, is static and out of date the moment anything about your career changes.

Do you have a fitness qualification? If you're not already FITREC, it starts here. 

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.