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Mindful Institute are leaders in award-winning meditation teaching and holistic coaching and counselling programs. All courses are delivered online with regular Zoom masterclasses. All courses are industry-accredited and lead to full membership with several international associations.

The Mindful Institute’s training courses have been voted the “Best Global Holistic Therapy Training Provider” in 2021, 2022 & 2023 and have won several prestigious awards. Curriculum is Comprehensive & Evidence-Based - where science meets spirit!

Ever wanted to master the art of meditation whilst learning how to help others too? Our courses cover a range of popular meditation styles, as well as teaching skills in holistic coaching and counselling, the science of happiness, other healing tools, and how to set up, run, and promote your meditation business.

Mindful Institute courses guide fitness professionals to:

  • Incorporate meditation into training and fitness sessions
  • Teach meditation classes or run mindfulness education sessions
  • Teach clients stress management techniques
  • Incorporate various breathing techniques into sessions
  • Add mindfulness challenges to the work you do with clients
  • Include mindful walking and running activities
  • Use meditation and mindfulness to increase clients’ energy and stamina
  • Use meditation and mindfulness as an effective session start up or cool down
  • Incorporate restorative yoga or mindful stretching into client sessions
  • Learn how to create and deliver guided meditations
  • Master a range of popular meditation styles
This course is a great foundation for Meditation, yoga and general spiritual topics. The lectures are informative and give a very practical and step-by-step guide in starting your own business in several areas of interest.

Monica, ,
Sunday, December 17, 2023

I found the course personally confronting which in turn showed me a number of areas of my life to look at and own. The course also enabled me to improve my Meditation practice and also to face my academic demons. All in all it has been a wonderful growing experience.

David, ,
Sunday, December 17, 2023

Although I thought I knew Meditation and I know business, this course brought it all together, gave it clarity, form and structure. Fill in all the gaps, built my knowledge and my confidence. Without this course, I would never have embarked on my career, it would have always been something to do next year.

Ian, ,
Sunday, December 17, 2023

The benefits that I found on a personal level whilst doing this training course was overwhelming. I grew stronger with each module, and this helped not only in my working life but my personal life truly benefited.

Sue, ,
Sunday, December 17, 2023

This has been a wonderful course which I use often to enhance counselling clients preferring to treat people holistically. I have learned more than I expected and it far exceeded my expectations. I recently opened my own counselling business and am excited about adding holistic ideals and Meditation to my practice.

Shelly, ,
Sunday, December 17, 2023

This course has so many benefits, not only does it prepare you well to become a teacher in Meditation it is a life-changing experience of self-discovery. This course was a light in my life, many months on and I’m using the skills I was taught to bring balance to my life and to others. I received great support from my teacher and all staff, thanks.

Deborah, ,
Sunday, December 17, 2023