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Our Mission 

The StickXfit™ Training delivers an innovative neural-based group exercise program, on the cutting edge of introducing exercise-induced neurogenesis classes to the masses. This is a new and exciting opportunity for fitness professionals like you, seeking to be progressive with non-traditional, contemporary programming to expand your career into the future of fitness.

Our global mission is to expand our reach with your help, to teach as many individuals as humanly possible, how they can be brain-fit at every age and not only retain brain function as we age, but continue to improve cognitive health. We do not have to buy into agedness and its debilitating effects on the brain. 

About the Sticks 

The sticks we use are based on the eclectic fighting sticks used in Filipino Martial Arts. They are made from rattan, which is a vine grown in the tropics. To formulate the sticks, the rattan is hardened over fire, to the point where it can retain some flexibility & yet withstand impact. The stick is lightweight, but strong and durable. 

We have made the sticks at 26 inches (normally 28) & with a narrow circumference for an easier grip. Our sticks have also been further modified to suit our needs with grip handles attached for extra safety & various colored plastic shrink wrap applied at the main strike zone of the stick. These different colors, help in finessing hand-eye coordination of striking.

Benefits of StickXfit


  • Cardiovascular, Muscular and Health Benefits
  • Posture and Neurosensory Benefits 
  • Physical Cognitive Skill Benefits  


  • Improve cognitive executive function 
  • Improve mood and self-motivation
  • Decrease stress


  • Community and Camaraderie 
  • Healthy Interaction and Competition