4 Courses Match Your Search

Understand why we eat the way we do and tools and techniques that can be used to develop better health habits. This unique course covers information on the psychology of eating that you won’t find anywhere else.    Read more

Behaviour Change in Exercise

Personal Training Academy - RTO 21953

Get practical solutions and tools for behaviour and communication strategies, business and marketing, exercise programming, biomechanics and movement philosophies in this empowering workshop.    Read more

Physique Transformation Level 1

Australian Strength Performance

What does it take to transform a physique? From fad diets and pills to magazine training regimes and ab gizmos, I’m sure we’ve all tried something and are now a little wiser to what works and what doesn’t.    Read more

NASM Behavior Change Specialist (BCS)

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

The Behavior Change Specialist will introduce you to the psychological concepts behind behavior change and influence in order to enhance your ability to get clients to create long-lasting lifestyle changes.    Read more


4 Courses Match Your Search