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Australian Combat & Exercise

9 Ador Avenue, Rockdale , Sydney 2216

1300 223 556

Established 2012 100/100
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AUSTRALIAN COMBAT & EXERCISE provides life-changing health, fitness, sports science services for adults, children, athletes and fitness professionals. 

We offer on-going learning, seminars, high-performance testing and nutrition advice and planning.  

We educate, coach and mentor people to achieve their health, lifestyle and professional goals to live a better, more successful, healthy life.


We are

  • Hays Daewoud (Founder / Director)
  • Dr. Luke Del Vecchio (Head of Exercise & Sports Science)
  • Ziad Zakharia (Sports Scientist / Martial Arts)
  • Michael Chrysanthou (Sports Scientist / Martial Arts)
  • Shannon Green Strength & Condition)
Having attended the AC&E Technial lifting course for my own interest, I can say that any fitness professional that attendends the Technical Lifting course will benefit both personally and professionally. All Trainers should do this course.
Dennis Hosking
Thursday, August 8, 2019


  • View the Techincal Lifting Information Pack here.
  • View the Boxing Skills & Fitness with the Sport Science of Boxing here.
Anyone can put together a boxing routine and throw a punch. These guys teach the correct stance, form and injury prevention methods. And...the science behind the training methods. So much info and knowledge offered, and the staff are professional, friendly and have personal backgrounds in boxing. Outstanding!

Leanne Dunstan, ,
Wednesday, April 4, 2018