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This is to confirm that Cheryl Graham instructed at Waterfall Health Studio until February 2001. She proved to be very satisfactory and our members enjoyed her classes enormously. I would personally recommend her to any professional aerobic institute and wish her well in her aerobic career.

Debbie McNamara, Manager, Waterfall Health Studio
Jan 2023

We are a group of women with varying degrees of fitness and ages from mid 40's to mid 70's. Cheryl conducted her class with confidence whilst being mindful of the above circumstances. The Total Body Awareness class was a mixture of Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga that left us feeling refreshed and relaxed. Mooroopna C. W. A. recommends Cheryl's Total Body Awareness class to any group or individual who is looking for that something a little bit different in their everyday lives. Cheryl's class will appeal to those seeking fitness or just looking to relax and refresh the mind, body and soul.

Jennifer Broadbent / Mooroopna C.W.A, CLIENT
Jan 2023

This reference confirms Cheryl Garnham is a permanent contractor at The ARC Campbeltown in South Australia. Cheryl is contracted to take 2 Aqua classes per week. She also covers other Aqua and Yoga classes from time to time. She has been at the club for approximately 4 years.

Fiona Tonga, Group Fitness Supervisor, The ARC Campbelltown
Jan 2023

It was great to be able to have a session that was particularly suited to our group's needs and to have it all to ourselves. The staff members who attended this class were very happy with the session, the venue and most are interested in signing up on a more regular basis for more classes. The 10/20 session cards are perfect, as they allow flexibility. This is much appreciated by our staff who are in the medical/educational precinct and are sometimes on call and unable to attend regularly. I am happy to recommend your classes to anyone who is interested in bringing to their organisation a healthy, social and flexible aspect.

Lucia Rossi, CLIENT
Jan 2023

I would like to recommend Cheryl Garnham as a group fitness instructor. Cheryl has been a group fitness instructor at Aquamoves since 2003, only having a short period away due to other work commitments. Cheryl is trained in Les Mills Body Balance, Yoga, Pilates and Aqua Aerobics. Cheryl has also been involved in our PUFF walking program for local residents 65 years and older. Cheryl has always shown great passion in the health and fitness industry with years of dedication to helping her participants achieve their goals and connect to a healthy lifestyle. She has great coaching skills, allowing her to communicate clearly in her classes.

Jacqui Byrnes, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, Aquamoves
Jan 2023