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I have been doing Pilates on and off at various gyms for many years. I first did Jan’s class at a Sunshine Coast gym and was very impressed. Since the Covid19 shut down I have been doing a weekly class via zoom. She always explains the moves and tells us if she sees that we are doing something wrong. Allowances are made for participants who have injuries or do not have equipment. After the class Jan takes the time to ask for feedback after class. She offers a variety of classes each week and they can all be done at the participant’s level of ability. I would highly recommend her classes.

Webster Suzanne, CLIENT
May 2020

Jan Liow is a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated Pilates instructor. Her classes are designed to fit many levels of ability and if suffering an injury Jan suggests different options to that participant. During Covid 19 Jan has built up an exceptional repertoire of weekly online Zoom classes so no one has had to miss out on their Pilates fix. I recommend Jan, highly, to anyone wishing to attend Pilates classes whether online, or within a studio setting when life returns to a ‘new normal’.

Shirley Cornish, CLIENT
May 2020

I did Pilates for about 3 years when living elsewhere but time was always against me so I stopped. I started again in the past few months.after moving to the Coast. This was because my doctor told me to get out there and get my body working properly "no excuses". I'm just loving Jan's classes! Jan is so experienced, knows what's she's doing and how to guide you through a class making sure you're not doing something you shouldn't be doing. Classes are well paced, informative and best of all, you feel your body responding to what Jan is teaching you to do! I can feel the difference in just a few months. Thanks Jan

Sue Helisma, CLIENT
May 2020

Jan is very experienced and knowledgeable with all different types of movements tailored to your bodies particular needs. She has made me feel so welcome and am feeling stronger after only about a month 💕 will definitely continue classes!

Jessica Kurtzer , CLIENT
Oct 2019

I couldn't recommend Jan Liow from Reflections Pilates highly enough. Jan's love and passion for the human body and movement is contagious. The difference we have seen with our daughter in terms of strength, confidence and general knowledge of her body has been impressive. Jan absolutely loves what she does and it definitely shows. We are so grateful to have crossed paths with you.

Jun 2019

Our teenager (male) has done the Teen core once a week with Jan. She is knowledgable, professional and fun. Never thought our teenager would enjoy it as much as he is. Thank you Jan

Susanne Steyn, CLIENT
Jun 2019

There is nothing quite like a good stretch and the first ‘stretch and mobility’ class by Jan was no exception to that! It was so good to stretch out those tight and tired muscles and feel my body gradually wake up from muscle slumber! I came away invigorated! Thank you Jan!! Looking forward to bigger stretches and more mobility...

Zonya Bird, CLIENT
Oct 2018

Today I did a 1:1 session with Jan. I have been doing Pilates for a short while but never really got the hang of it or really got how it should feel like. With the 1:1 session planned exclusively for me and my body Jan and I went through a number of exercises and stretches and..... Eureka!!!!! It felt totally different!! I loved the fact that she made everything easy and her enthusiasm and knowledge is outstanding!!!! I've just booked another 1:1 session next week :-). Highly recommend to anyone wanting a top class Pilates Professional. Thanks Jan.

Clare Sutton, CLIENT
Jul 2018

Two lower back injuries resulting in restricted movement accompanied with debilitating pain brought me to Jan. T Zone, palvic floor, transversus abdominus where words Jan asked if I knew? I answered No?!? but I was thinking oh no more pain !! Well thanks to my 1:1 session with Jan I understand how to work these muscles and that Jan does not want me to feel pain. Just to be able to use them in my every day life.I must say in that session my brain definitely worked harder than my body!! Jan's explanations and enthusiasm was both inspiring and contagious.I walk out of the session feeling I can move better and very eager for more !!! See you Tuesday Jan .... thankyou V

Vlasta Gall, CLIENT
Jul 2018

I only discovered pilates about 6 months ago and have had a few instructors in that time. Finding Jan Liow has proven to be one of the best "finds" ever. I have spinal cord damage and as a consequence, bio mechanical problems. Jan's knowledge and communication has provide me with a tools and understand to really develop and gain strength throughout my body. She's been fantastic. Couldn't be without her or her classes now!

Judy Schoch, CLIENT
May 2020

I have enjoyed Jan's classes at the gym and recently on a more regular basis online with Zoom classes which was a wonderful initiative of Jan's as has been fantastic to connect more personally with her and others during this unusual time in our lives. It has given me the chance to embrace Pilates on a much more regular basis and I can now really feel the benefits and improvement in strength and mobility. Jan is an excellent instructor. She is very dedicated & knowledgable, gives good clear instruction and always ensures everyone is given options for working at different levels or with or without bands/balls. I love that the classes are varied. Thank you Jan 🙏

Wendy Crow, CLIENT
Jun 2020

I would recommend Jan Liow to anyone interested in Pilates from beginner level to advanced. She takes the time to ask and understand about any injuries her clients may have. Prior to the session she will explain the levels suited to your ability. She is a specialist and a perfectionist. At the end of each session I feel stronger. Thanks Jan.

Jenny Triggs, CLIENT
May 2020

Over the past 12 months, I have had the pleasure of participating in a weekly group Pilates class run by Jan Liow at my local gym. As a chiropractor of 20 years, I would like to say that Jan has skills and knowledge above any Pilates instructor I have come across during that time. Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, combined with her obvious experience in clearly communicating and teaching a diverse range of exercises, has made me confident and happy to refer my patients for Jan's services. Jan has shown that she is able to coach and guide everyone's needs, giving alternatives and options for everyone from the agile and strong to the elderly and injured.

Sally Battle, CLIENT
Jul 2018

I have been "doing" Pilates on & off for a few years now, but have never found an instructor as good as Jan. Certainly worth a few one on one classes to really get to the core and learning how to isolate & switch muscles on! Thanks for being here Jan x

Judy Allison, CLIENT
Jul 2018

Jan has been a friend for 20 plus years, she is an incredible fitness trainer, and a person of high intelligence and integrity

David Thomas, CLIENT
Jul 2018

I have been so fortunate to have Jan teaching me Pilates over the past few years. Her passion and knowledge goes above and beyond. Jan takes her time to explain techniques and makes sure we’re all functionally correct before belting out reps. I run, weight train and paddle ski’s and know Jan has given me the core and stability strength to perform these without any injury. I can’t recommend Jan high enough 👏 💖

Nina Eldridge, CLIENT
Aug 2018

Being a true advocate of pilates for the body and soul and having experienced a variety of classes I feel blessed to have Jan as an instructor. Her ability to focus on all ages and give individual tuition to suit is a gift and most definitely appreciated and enjoyed by myself. Her enthusiasm and dedication creates a great desire to "treat" your body Thanks Jan 👏👏

Ann Gravett, CLIENT
Aug 2018