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Lisa Brown is an understated powerhouse in the Australian fitness Industry. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for over 10 years as a work colleague, business partner and friend. She is extremely committed to providing excellence to her clients and business, and this is shown through her investment in ongoing education, business success and expertise. She is a role model to all Fitness Professionals and goes out of her way to support upcoming trainers, other fitness businesses and the industry as a whole. There are not many fitness professionals of her caliber and standard, and the industry is better off because she's in it.

Nardia Norman , Director, Nardia Norman
Dec 2020

In 2021 I had surgery for a sequestered disc. Post op I became concerned when some of my symptoms returned. I began searching for a trainer who could get me strong again, get me working safely in a gym and guide me to full recovery. This is when I found Lisa. The initial assessment was very thorough and I appreciated the attention to detail and the care and precision that Lisa provided. We were able to create a personalised plan of attack which made me feel very safe and confident. I now have the tools to ensure I train safely and my back is getting stronger each week. In addition to this I have admired Lisa's passion, commitment, openness and sense of humour.

Stefan Villalobos, CLIENT
Jun 2022

Lisa is a fantastic trainer who identifies specific physical weaknesses and conditions and works to strengthen them to prevent injuries. I am hyper-mobile & have scoliosis, so having a trainer who understands this has meant less trips to the chiro and better fitness & muscle tone. She has an incredible eye for form and identifying when I'm 'hanging on my ligaments', or if something is too light/heavy based on the way I'm lifting. The attention to detail really is second to none.

Jewels Miller , CLIENT
Dec 2022

Lisa Brown is an incredible trainer who transformed my life to other level of health. I feel strong, i don’t have neck and back pain as before (I am seen my physio much less) i can sleep all night now and have so much more energy. Also, it is a great feeling to be part of a friendly environment at the gym. Thank you so much Lisa for your dedication and passion for what you do, the 4 months training results is unbelievably positive on my overall health, it is just amazing. Lisa is absolutely a star.

Edna Grigoriou, CLIENT
Dec 2020

Highly recommend the friendly Coogee Gym and amazing owner/PT, Lisa! Lisa’s programming is strength and conditioning-based, with a big focus on good form and technique to guarantee you get results. Small group training to ensure you get dedicated training advice and motivation – almost like personal training but without the price tag and in a more fun environment (Lisa’s energy is contagious and she makes everyone feel at ease in the gym despite abilities or fitness' levels)! Lisa has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the way our bodies work. After seeing you move, she will detect any little niggles or anomalies and will adapt the program to you so you can get stronger and pain-free.

Iris Loba , CLIENT
Dec 2020

Coogee gym is my absolute training oasis! Lisa is so knowledgeable, motivating and caring! She crafts awesome programs and keeps everyone moving regardless of their fitness level. Highly recommended!

Caroline Boznovska, CLIENT
Dec 2020

I contacted Lisa after a recommendation of someone I trust ( partner) with the intention of doing a 8 week. I'ts now been 9 months.... and Im stronger, mentally and physically and could not be happier. Pre training with Lisa, I considered myself reasonably healthy but had started seeing signs of weakness in parts of my mid 50's body....poor posture, weaker shoulders, weak knees from past injuries. Lisa's identified these quickly in the orientation process and catered for my shortcomings in each session...she really cares, is encouraging, is professional and, more importantly gets results. This is setting me up to enjoy life more, and get better results on the golf course. Chris

Chris Kourt, CLIENT
Dec 2020

The work that Lisa and I did prior to my accident was fantastic! She is an amazing professional who knows how to help you achieve the results desired, but more incredibly the work since the accident has transformed me into the best shape of my life at 51. She is an observant, intuitive trainer with an amazing structure at the core of her practice. She took someone who literally had to learn to walk again to squatting, moving and thriving post accident. Thanks Lisa!

Fred Kakish, CLIENT
Dec 2020

I started training with Lisa in January 2019 and have not looked back. The strength sessions have enabled me to build muscle and really understand technique. The groups are small, which is great as you a PT session at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. It’s incredible value and the vibe is always great. Highly recommend. You will never regret investing in you!

Lou Barrett, CLIENT
Dec 2020

Lisa is, hands down, the best personal trainer (and all-round awesome human being) I could ever have hoped for. She finds the right balance of motivating you when you need a boost, and understanding and figuring out alternative movements when you need some extra TLC. She makes sure that folks of all ages, stages, and fitness levels get training that is right for them. My fitness and strength have improved so much since I started training with Lisa. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Kate Faasse, CLIENT
Dec 2020

Having trained in different gyms in Sydney over the past 8 years, I can honestly say Lisa is the best trainer I’ve dealt with and genuinely cares about her clients! She is all about proper form and spine health, and getting results in the smartest way possible. There is a great community feel from the gym and it’s overall just a really enjoyable experience! Highly recommend!

Karen Kehoe, CLIENT
Dec 2020

I love training with Lisa. She is much fun to work with and the classes are full of good vibes! She pushes you to get the best out of you and she makes hard work-outs feel easy and enjoyable. 5/5

Nico Urbini, CLIENT
Dec 2020

Lisa is a thorough expert! She builds your strength, fitness and mobility step by step for the long haul - no gimmicks or BS - consistent, well programmed weights and movement. EVERY class she takes care of each of us and our diverse bodies with incredible diligence. Your future self will thank you for investing the time and effort making the most of Lisa’s incredible expertise and guidance. It’s not what you expect, for first month I trusted her advice and did the work, at 4 week mark - boom, I could see and feel my body clicking into gear, doing things I didn’t think it could. Lisa has now supported me through pregnancy and recovery - I’m actually now in best shape and strength ever!

Adrienne Tilley-Lefèvre, CLIENT
Dec 2020

I love training with Lisa - she takes so much time to ensure your form is perfect and gets great results. Lisa works really hard during her sessions to make sure everybody is progressing. I would give six stars if I could!

Helen Drew, CLIENT
Dec 2020

Lisa is such a great trainer, very professional and makes everyone feel welcome. Love the vibe of the gym. Would definitely recommend!

Lucy Eastlake, CLIENT
Dec 2020