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Mia Blanford is the reason I still go to the gym. She is an inspiration to everyone as her technique is flawless and she has so much energy and passion for what she does. She is a true professional, always on time, prepared and knows the class material inside out. I have been working out with Mia for over ten years and I hope to have ten more with her! I will give her a glowing reference any time. Jeni

Jeni Lacis, CLIENT
Oct 2020

I’ve been participating in a variety Mia’s group fitness classes for over 10 years. Over that time I have never left a class feeling flat or thinking I could have got more out of it. The classes are tough but with a fun, energetic vibe. Mia has always coached and encouraged each participate so that they are able to achieve their fitness goals. Her classses are extremely popular because of her focus and genuine interest in each individual. More recently, with the opening of her own studio, a friend and I have been having PT sessions with Mia. We have both gained so much from Mia’s coaching. The sessions are tough but are mixed with variety and fun, something to look forward to.

Elizabeth Devlin, CLIENT
Oct 2020

Mia is an exceptional trainer. I have been attending her classes for 5 years and also have had numerous PT sessions with her. I had always been fit however my fitness level and understanding has increased due to her approach to training. She understands physiology and so ensures that she imparts this knowledge during her coaching to help explain the correct execution of the exercise. She is genuine and has the safety and well-being of her clients at the core of her coaching. She is realistic and enthusiastic about goal setting and celebrates her clients wins. She always knows when to push her clients further. She is respected in our fitness community as she trains so many disciplines.

Greeshma Patel, CLIENT
Oct 2020

Mia has been working for FF since Nov 2004 and is a very accomplished instructor teaching Les Mills programs - Bodypump, Bodyattack, Bodystep and Bodybalance. She is very popular with the members and a great team player with the rest of our Group Fitness Instructors.

Maryse Casey, Group Fitness Manager, Fitness First
May 2022

Mia is an incredible instructor and a real team player. We have recently had to go through so many changes adding pressure on our instructors and Mia has been so quick to adapt to our agile environment! Her positivity and energy is such a pleasure to be around and our members adore her. She has a huge following throughout our clubs and we are constantly recieving amazing feedback regarding her class, technique and motivation for people to come back day after day.

Sandrine Yedalian-Raupa, Club Manager, Fitness First
Oct 2020

Mia teaches 1 class at North Sydney and is always professional and helpful. Members really enjoy her classes.

Patty Katts , Group Fitness Manager , Fitness First Australia
Oct 2020

Mia is an exceptional gym instructor.. the best I’ve EVER seen Her experience, dedication, hard work and commitment are of an impeccable standard and shouldn’t go unnoticed.. I have known Mia for approximately 15 years. Mia is driven and has pushed me physically beyond my wildest dreams. This has helped prepare me mentally and physically in my 25 year policing career. I’m forever grateful and only hope new instructors take note, learn and be inspired by her... Mia is one very talented and amazing role model and an asset to the fitness industry.

Cathy Panetta, CLIENT
Oct 2020

I am Mia's reporting line manager at Fitness First St. Leonards.

Melissa Herrera, Group Fitness Manager, Fitness Firts
Oct 2020