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If you want a knowledgeable, caring Trainer that his sole focus is on your goals then I can't recommend Grant enough. When you see people loving what they do for a job he is the guy, he is what our industry needs more of. I have been working with Grant for almost four years now and he is one of the most dedicated people I have seen in any industry, always educating himself to be a better trainer, attending courses and then putting what he learns into practice. I met Grant when he was fresh out of PT school and straight away I knew he was going to be a lifer in this industry, he has definitely found his calling.

Blaire Sayers, Personal Trainer, Forte Fitness
Aug 2019

Grant is our go-to functional training guy! He has been Personal Training in our facilities for almost 3 years and is our highest qualified Personal Trainer. He has quite a big following and many loyal clients who are continually referring friends and family to his business. Grant is always doing new courses to gain further knowledge in the industry and shows alot of passion for his job. We have been very lucky to have him on board with our business!

Rhiannon Wood, Group Manager, Plus Fitness Kirrawee/Sutherland
Aug 2019

Grant is a passionate and inspiring trainer who really walks the talk. His sessions are fun yet challenging and he is committed to bringing his best. He's reliable, genuine and hard-working and I'm positive that anyone privileged enough to work with him will achieve the results they're looking for.

Kat Millar, CLIENT
Sep 2015

My husband and myself have been training with Grant Johnson for almost 4 years. We love the classes, they are interesting, varied, keep us fit & healthy and we look forward to our classes each week. We try and do 4 sessions weekly. We also learn a lot about great eating habits. Jane Healey

Jane Healey, CLIENT
Dec 2020