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I was referred to Sandy by a friend living in Bangkok. I had my hip replacement surgery on July 3, 2019. I had my first appointment with Sandy on July 10, 2019. She worked with me for three weeks to not only get my body well physically but she helped me get my body well mentally. Even though we are not in the same city/country anymore, Sandy does a great job to follow up with me and make sure I am not falling back to my old habits. I cannot thank Sandy enough!!!

David Stone, CLIENT
Aug 2019

I lost 15 kg in a year and gained tons of confidence working with Sandy. I had gained weight due to office-job -related injuries and stress. I can’t say enough how much Sandy’s knowledge and support helped me take back my health and, really, my enjoyment of life. Sandy is so supportive and flexible, and she strives to find the right programme for each individual. That was the right recipe for me - quite simply, she gets results.

Kay Johnson, CLIENT
Dec 2020

When my husband tore his Miniscus, and required surgery, Sandy worked with the Orthopedic Consultant and Physio Therapist, to ensure he recovered and regained full mobility. I can not recommend her highly enough to anyone who may suffer from aches & pains, bad posture, recover from surgery or even strokes. Personally, Sandy started me on a fitness journey 10 years ago, and I still use the techniques she demonstrated, ensuring I exercise in a correct manner, so I do not fall into bad habits or cause injury. Sandy quickly realised I need variety, and because of that, I have remained inspired. I hope that you too have the good fortune to have Sandy as your personal trainer, as it is win/win!

Ineke Cook, CLIENT
Jan 2021

Sandy Remiens was a fitness therapist at the British Club where we are members. I had knee replacement surgery in April 2018 and needed follow up PT and worked with Sandy for about 10 months. She helped me with mobility and strength exercises appropriate to my PT needs and capabilities. We met in person at the BC exercise facilities twice weekly and then she provided me with a daily routine as well. Sandy served about 15-20 regular clients. When the club closed the exercise facility for COVID, Sandy set me up to do Skype sessions remotely. Sandy helped me greatly and I have been able to return to golf and weekly doubles tennis. I am getting around well and still following her plan.

Tom Payne, CLIENT
Jan 2021

After years of practicing Karate, my back was hurt and needed surgery that I didn’t want to get. After exercising with Sandy in 2010 for three months, I didn’t need surgery anymore and now I travel all over the world. I had a lot of fun while practicing with Sandy and a lot of energy after each workout (normally one is very tired after a workout but not with Sandy) !

Catherine, CLIENT
Dec 2020

I met Sandy over 12 months ago and started training with her a few months later. I felt overweight, unfit and just too embarrassed to attend any fitness classes so Sandy went out of her way to train me where and when I was comfortable. Not only has she guided me in improving my physical health, but also my mental health which was my main goal from day one. Sandy has given me back my love of feeling strong and working out, I look forward now to working out even during times I previously would have made excuses and not trained and for that I am so grateful to have Sandy as my trainer.

Jess Soutar, CLIENT
May 2018

Since 2013 I have had 3 spinal surgeries, my recovery of the most recent surgery was greatly assisted by Sandy helping me to understand the importance of posture and the correct exercise both before and after surgery. I also recently developed Carpel Tunnel in both wrists, for which surgery was recommended. Sandy compiled a series of exercises for me which completely eradicated all symptoms and pain Sandy has a unique ability to explain how a certain injury can be managed, so that results are achievable. She will always remain my 'go to' person when I injure myself. Having an understanding of how a certain exercise impacts my body remains key to me being able to following her advice

Carin Remiens, CLIENT
Jun 2020

At my first session with Sandy two years ago I was hunched over in pain with a back injury. Sandy developed a series of exercises to get me moving again and to improve my alignment. She has since worked with me to strengthen my upper back and core and fix my posture. For the first time in years, I no longer have back pain. Sandy developed exercises that work for me, which she mixes up to keep me motivated, and adapts so I can keep my routine when I travel. She is very positive and encouraging.

Lucy Rhydwen-Marett, CLIENT
Oct 2016

Absolute professional! A lifetime of experience at extremely competitive levels, incredible attention to detail, explanations of the science and psychology behind all training and movement aspects are just the basics provided in each session. Where Sandy is infinitely different is that she genuinely cares about you achieve your goals and will motivate and drive you towards them whilst still being incredible patient and actually fun to work with. I would highly recommend anyone of any age or competency to Sandy, whether it be rehabilitation or personal training it’s a guarantee that she will improve you. Very satisfied customer, my results in rehab and fitness are dramatic in only 6 wks.

Glenn Sim, CLIENT
May 2018

I met Sandy Remiens in February 2014. I had had back problems for some 23 years before meeting Sandy which usually meant Chiropractic adjustments once a week or more. Since training with Sandy I have not had to visit any form of medical help even once. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Sandy is, I am delighted to say a marvel !

Simon Moore, CLIENT
Sep 2016

Sandy was my personal trainer for several years and she helped me to come to terms with and improve my physical problems to a great extent. I was very impressed by her detailed knowledge of the human body, how it works and the way she could introduce exercises to improve the problems I had. She could explain in detail why I had the problem and how the tasks she gave me could specifically help to cure the injury. She also could provide a range of exercises I could do. Sandy's manner was encouraging and friendly and she is the best personal trainer I have ever had. The application of Sandy's knowledge is second to non and I fully support her in her future ambitions. Carole Ann Eastgate

Carole Ann Eastgate, CLIENT
Jan 2021

I worked with Sandy between Feb and Ap 16. I had recently had a knee replacement surgery. Two months after the surgery I could still barely walk She re-worked the way I walked. I believe this will make sure I will not have another knee operation for a very long time and probably saved me from using a mobility scooter for many years. She was also gracious enough to video me doing the excersizes that I needed after I left BKK. To paraphrase Donald Trump: "I owe her Biggly"

David Barratt, CLIENT
Oct 2016

I have many old injuries and Sandy has been my PT for 5 years. She is an amazing remedial trainer with great patience, powers of observation and communication. Together we have made huge progress, often taking steps backwards to address new challenges, but always moving forward. At 70 I am still gaining flexibility and I am still excited about better things to come. I have also witnessed her magic on others. She has been a tremendous asset at the British Club.

Jack Dunford, CLIENT
Sep 2016

I would highly recommend Sandy Remiens as a personal trainer to all - young, old, male, female, those needing rehab or those wanting to improve physical condition. She is a natural teacher and her heart is for people to understand the how and why of the exercises and programs. She has a gift of knowing how much to push...and when to stop...and trains with positive encouragement. She is creative and a problem solver and totally focuses on the individual's needs.

Marie Goode, CLIENT
Sep 2016

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy as my group trainer (seniors exercise group), 2-person and individual Muay Thai trainer since November 2017. As a woman who has done many forms of exercise in and out of the gym over the years, and as a (non-sports) coach myself with a focus on personal development, I can say Sandy is an outstanding Muay Thai coach with the patience and understanding to work with older clients but also the professional experience and technique to engage any client, Sandy is a credit to her profession.

Mary Denver, CLIENT
May 2018

I met Sandy through my wife Marie. I am an avid tennis player and I had just had a hip replacement and had gone through Physical Therapy at the local hospital. I needed a trainer to take me to another level of fitness and strength and Sandy took me to that level in 10 sessions. She knows about the body, connections, muscles, nutrition core strength, etc. Sandy worked me hard, gave me homework between sessions and I am back on the tennis court. I recommend Sandy to you.

Steve Goode, CLIENT
Sep 2016

I am 63 years old. When I was in my twenties I had a number of neurological episodes which I was told was probably MS. I have had no attacks since then, but I was left with a weaker right side. I realised that I had to keep active to maintain my mobility, but I was not aware that I was becoming quite unbalanced. First time with Sandy and she pointed this out to me and had me working on setting that right. She has been so good for me and I like her too!

Liz Dobson, CLIENT
Sep 2016

I have been a client of Sandy Remiens for the last 4 years in Bangkok. I started using her as a personal fitness trainer, in order to improve my own fitness. I found my regular sessions with Sandy quickly improved my overall fitness and strength. Sandy is hard working and well informed about her job. I will miss continuing my regular fitness sessions with her. I have no hesitation in recommending her for a similar role, where I am sure she will be an asset to her future employer.

Bill Wilcox, CLIENT
Sep 2016

I am in my 80s and train with Sandy regularly. She is has had a very positive influence on both my physical and mental well-being. I thoroughly recommend her.

Judy McKenzie, CLIENT
May 2018

I have known Sandy Remiens for 20 years both as my trainer and friend. As a Fitness Professional Sandy has exceptional passion and knowledge. She has the ability to connect with her clients making them feel at ease while giving them the self belief and can do attitude. Sandy continues to upskill at every opportunity. She would be a great asset to any future Employer.

Carol Knox, Personal Trainer, Les Mills, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.
Sep 2016

Sandy is a very experienced fitness professional who concentrates on ensuring correct technique, posture and form. She is also an excellent rehab trainer. I've been undertaking weekly sessions with Sandy for the past 12 months and it has made a significant difference to the way I exercise. Sandy has managed to undo the many bad habits I'd developed over the years while weight training which has led to more productive exercise sessions and better results. I recommend her highly.

Jo Stevens, CLIENT
Oct 2016

Training with Sandy is great! I am not a 'gym person' and find the whole environment super intimidating. I am generally unsure of the intended function of the majority of machines and weights in a gym (apart from the exercise bike, which I am onboard with). Sandy sets the right pace for me, explains what I'm doing, why I'm doing and what it will do. She acknowledges my progress (in way that is definately not condescending). Whatever it is - she keeps me turning up to the gym!

Danielle Lim, CLIENT
Jun 2018

Sandy Remiens was referred to me as a the leading fitness instructor best suited to assist me me in achieving my body shape goals. Miss Remiens was successful in delivering outcomes above and beyond my original expectations. During this time, Sandy also educated me on how to correct postural conditions, and how to maintain my new found physicality with diet and exercise. Sandy's unique motivational methods and expertise has enriched my life.

Marcus Davey, CLIENT
Sep 2016

Sandy Remiens managed my gym (Northside Boxing Brisbane) for over a year before she had to move to Thailand. I would highly recommend Sandy to any future employer. Her outstanding work ethic and initiative is very admirable. Her honesty and integrity would be very valuable to any organisations.. Yours truly Jojo Tipace mob. 0410488295

Jojo Tipace, Former employer, Northside Boxing Brisbane
Sep 2016