If FITREC is to be seen as an industry body that reflects the best of the fitness industry, it's imperative that we clearly demonstrate leadership with regard to social responsibility. 

FITREC must provide a benchmark in ethical behaviour and be seen to actively campaign for diversity and inclusion. At the very least, we must be the equal of the best in our industry.

The pursuit of this aim can only be of benefit to our registered members and the industry as a whole. 

FITREC DNA is a badge to publicly and proudly declare that we are committed to doing better. It is a reminder that we should be open to potential blind spots in our understanding and awareness. It represents FITREC's intention to hold itself accountable for representing the best of the fitness industry with regards to diversity, inclusion, ethics and accountability.

Why did we call it FITREC DNA? 

Apart from representing Diversity, iNclusion and Awareness, DNA is typically known as the molecule containing the instructions for life. Similarly, FITREC DNA instructs our team and those who share our passion as to best practices for individuals and businesses.

FITREC DNA will be led by FITREC Co-Founders and Directors, Chenille and Dennis Hosking and our FITREC ambassador, Mel Tempest.

We welcome any applications to join the FITREC DNA leadership team (must be FITREC-registered) to help us raise awareness of diversity and inclusion.

For more information and/or to help lead our efforts, email [email protected]

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